10 Animals That Will Go Extinct Before Your Children Grow Up

10 Animals That Will Go Extinct Before Your Children Grow Up

We live in a big, intricate world, where new species gets discovered all the time. And so, even when these astonishing species are being discovered, the ever increasing human populace, climate change, destruction of habitat, hunting and the horrible exploitation of wildlife mean countless figures of these animals are being pushed to the end of extinction.

Scientists have even calculated that over the course of Earth’s history, anywhere between 1 and 4 billion species have lived.

The natural extinction rate (which is also known as background rate) refers to how fast mammals, birds, insects, and plants would die off if humans are out of the picture. It is calculated that at this age, species are vanishing at almost 1,000 times the natural rate, which means that we’re losing about 150-200 species every single day that passes.

Listing these animals that are seem to go extinct before your children have the chance to see them was a quite a task.

By only selecting 10, we had to leave out numerous other animals that are facing similar disheartening situations. But millions of other species, many that science has to discover, are also likely to disappear in the coming years.

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