10 Videos That Ruined People’s Lives

10 Videos That Ruined People’s Lives

Recording a video is a good way to encapsulate a moment so you can keep it for as long as you like. However, most of the people involved in these videos wish that those moments never happened, and would now go away. These are people who did something stupid, or illegal, and were unfortunate enough to have it caught on film. The videos went public, and it completely ruined their lives.

Warning: In general, these videos contain some very strong language, so grab your headphones or make sure you’re not watching them at work or in public.

10. Mike Rice, Jr.

In 2010, Mike Rice, Jr. was hired to be the coach of the men’s basketball team at Rutgers University in New Jersey. His base salary was $300,000, but he would get a $25,000 raise every year, and his contract was loaded with perks and incentives, like $100,000 for finishing the season as the coach. All in all, it could be considered a dream job to a lot of people who love basketball.

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