12 Things You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

12 Things You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

2. It’s important to know the symptoms and to react quickly.

Like with any other respiratory disease, the main symptom of the coronavirus is coughing. You may also experience a fever or a shortness of breath or other breathing issues. In its more serious stages, the coronavirus can cause lung infections.

What do you do if you start exhibiting symptoms? The answer depends on where you live and whether you’ve traveled to China recently. People who have traveled to the affected region should report to a medical care provider as soon as they notice symptoms.

As for the rest of us, it’s best to stay at home and monitor our health progress. In particular, we should avoid all contact with people whose health is fragile in some way (infants, the elderly, etc.).

Now more than ever, we need to practice good respiratory hygiene. This means you should always cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. After using a tissue, dispose of it immediately.

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