A 13 year old boy builds a house with only $1500: look when he opens the door and reveals the inside

1. The Little Builder

When you’re a schoolboy, summer is the best part of the year. You can relax and play with your friends. But for Luke Thill, from Dubuque, Iowa, it was starting to lose interest. He was bored of having nothing to do. Unlike many other boys who would just hang around aimlessly or play video games, little Luke had something constructive in mind.


According to Luke, he “wanted to have something to do during the summer” and he went online to look for fun things to do during the holidays. This energetic boy wanted to do something outside and he, therefore, looked for some interesting DIY projects on YouTube. You won’t believe it when you see what this lad managed to do…

2. The Tiny House

While using the video-sharing site he came across multiple “Tiny House” instructional YouTube videos. For those unfamiliar with the term, “Tiny House” is a movement that advocates living more simply in small houses. The homes, even though tiny, can support all the needs of a regular-sized house. Quite surprisingly, the boy took a keen interest in this task and began working on it with all his heart.

At only twelve years old Luke decided that he too wanted to build his own tiny house in his family’s backyard with the help of the DIY videos. But Luke isn’t just an average kid. When he sets out to do something, he gets it done with amazing results! It made no difference that the task was for ‘adults’ – Luke was on it!

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