19 Wild Disney Movie Facts That Honestly Made My Jaw Drop

19 Wild Disney Movie Facts That Honestly Made My Jaw Drop

1. Adriana Caselotti only received $20 a day to be Snow White’s voice.

Caselotti shared that she was paid $20 a day to act and sing for her role, by the end of the shoot, she earned a total of $970. Converting it to this day, taking note of inflation, that’s roughly $355 per day and a total of $17,221.

2. Flynn Rider’s image was designed during a “Hot Guy Meeting” where women from the studio listed out their favorite physical aspect from the images of Hollywood’s leading men.

Directors Nathan Greno and Bryon Howard explained the whole process, “When we were designing the character, we were trying to get the look down, so one of the things we did was bring a lot of the females in from the building. We wanted this guy to be really, really handsome, so we put up photos all over the walls of the most handsome men in all of Hollywood history and sort of picked out which features sort of worked best. We just listened and let the girls have at it. In the end, we put all this stuff together, so he’s this very handsome fellow.”

3. Radio City Music Hall in New York had to change the upholster of its seats in the giant theater due to many children who end up peeing their pants when the witch was showed on the screen in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

4. When they were making The Little Mermaid, the animators mentioned that Ariel’s appearance was based on Alyssa Milano.

From an interview, Milano shared that she didn’t had no idea that Disney did this until after a year after the movie has been released: “Disney drew Ariel’s face from pictures of me. This is something that I didn’t know while it was going on, and then a year after the film came out they asked me to do sort of a ‘making of, behind-the-scenes’ special on it, and they told me then, which I thought was really cool.”

5. Furthermore, Aladdin’s appearance was based on Tom Cruise’s.

From the documentary “Diamond in the Rough: The Making of Aladdin”, originally it was Michael J. Fox who was their inspiration for Aladdin, but then animators later turned to Tom Cruise.

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