20 Car Fails That We Owe To German Automakers

20 Car Fails That We Owe To German Automakers

German cars are often considered as complex and well built vehicles. This is not surprising, as many German cars display high performance while remaining versatile. Without even mentioning the many world-class cars coming from this country. Models like the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 3 Series and the Beetle have been precursors that have not been matched yet.

After all, German cars have become the norm in the automotive world. If a new premium car is launched on the market, you can expect it to be compared to what Germany has to offer. This does not mean that all vehicles coming from Germany are trendsetters.

In fact, some German cars are just terrible. Some suffer from poorly designed engines that will fail once the warranty expires, and others may not last that long. While it is not surprising that some of these poorly engineered German engines find themselves in cheap cars, others are engines for performance and luxury cars.

However, some of the worst examples are only dubious concepts that should never have come out of the design phase. These cars are ugly, impractical and defy logic. The fact that these designs managed to leave the factories leaves us at least perplexed. Here are 20 times that German car companies had trouble designing a car.

20. BMW 7-SERIES E65

The BMW 7-Series is the second best large luxury car in the world, only losing to the Mercedes S-Class. However, if it’s extra performance you’re looking for in a high-end luxury yacht, the BMW 7-Series will leave you more satisfied that the big Merc. The M and the Alpina variants of the 7-Series can outperform considerably lighter cars while maintaining a serene interior. However, there are some 7-Series cars that were incapable of doing such things as elegantly as other models.

The E65 7-Series is an awful car in terms of reliability, looks, and resale value.

It was famously unreliable, as it couldn’t even keep its own doors shut while driving. With blobby headlights and a bizarre trunk shape, there are few things to like about the exterior. And of course, with all these problems, it’s unsurprising that these machines that used to cost $100,000 can now be had for 10% of that.

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