20 Car Fails That We Owe To German Automakers


There are many cars that feature retro styling to entice nostalgic buyers. While the modern muscle cars have likely benefited most from this tactic, the trend was first ignited by the VW New Beetle. After the incredibly long-lived original Beetle was discontinued in most countries, Volkswagen saw a way to get buyers into their new model. They started with the solid Golf platform and built a round body that was meant to remind buyers of the old car. However, this body was designed to look far cutesier than the original car, limiting appeal. But the worst offending feature of the new Beetle was the powertrain. The new Beetle had its power plant in the opposite location of the original car, going for a more conventional and boring layout. Today, VW has since realized that they don’t know what to do with the model, as it just sits in limbo without updates.

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