25 Celebrities Physically Ravaged By Cosmetic Surgery

25 Celebrities Physically Ravaged By Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery can make a person more beautiful, but sometimes it will only do the opposite. We all know that showbiz is the hotbed of plastic surgery and celebrities give tons of money to look flawless. Still, some of them overdo it at times or they simply chose the wrong surgeon.

Either way, their plastic jobs didn’t turn out quite as they expected. In their pursuit to constantly look beautiful and young, many of them lose track and get carried away while some of them become real plastic surgery addicts.

1. Michael Jackson

As you probably know, MJ passed away in 2009, but for many years prior to his death, there was a lot of controversy regarding his ever-changing looks and failed surgeries. Unlike many other male A-listers, he had innumerable surgeries and it was only a matter of time before the process became irreversible.

Although he made some outstanding music during his lifetime, the media kept bringing his cosmetic surgery back to the table. After all, we can’t blame them because it was more than obvious that he went under the knife way too often. To be more precise, it is estimated that the King of Pop had a total of 6 rhinoplasties, not to mention all the other interventions, including face lifting, fillers, cheek implants, and many more.

We are here to present you with the good, the bad, and the ugly celebs who have gone under the knife, read on to find out who they are.

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