37 Discoveries That Archaeologists Can't Explain

37 Discoveries That Archaeologists Can’t Explain

These Amazing Archaeological Finds Will Leave You Awestruck

Take an expedition with us around the world to discover the Earth’s most shocking archaeological finds.

1. African Spearheads

In 2012 an archaeological expedition in South Africa found stone-tipped weapons that dated back 500,000 years ago, 200,000 years earlier than previously thought by Homo Heidelbergensis. The discovery suggests that neither our species nor Neanderthals invented the use of sharpened stone-tipped weapons.

The use of spears dates back to around five million years ago, even some species of chimpanzees use spears. Prior to the discovery the only stone-tipped spears found were dated no more than 300,000 years ago and had been associated with Neanderthals.

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