These 4 Sisters Took The Same Picture For 40 Years - Don't Cry When You See The Last One!

These 4 Sisters Took The Same Picture For 40 Years – Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!

Taking photos with the same people every year for 40 years is something you can be proud of. Most of us change friends so often that we do not even have a single picture with them. Keep reading to discover the photographs of these beautiful women and try to notice the differences.

As you get more invested in their journey, you will begin to notice subtle changes in their appearance but you will also see how the bond between them stays strong through the decades. The last photo will surely bring tears to your eyes.


Just four young women posing together for a lovely photo.


They are all so young, fresh and natural in this summer afternoon.


These young girls could easily be posing for an album cover, don’t you think?

Youth, defiance, vigor, and beauty – all in one place! Each one of these girls emanates self-assurance and grit, looking straight at the camera as if there is nothing that can scare them or tear them apart. Each one of them is unique and yet, so similar to one another. The most interesting thing is that despite their youthful looks, there is no naivety in their faces. They seem so mature even at such a young age. We can clearly see that these young ladies know what they’re doing and there is nothing that can shake their friendship. If only we all had friends like these…


The photographer is now so close to them. Perhaps the close-up is meant to help us get into their minds! But who is the photographer and how is it possible that he stayed with them and took their photo for 40 years? Who is he?

The girls look pensive and deep in their thoughts. The look in their eyes gives the impression that they are pondering about what the future holds – the challenges ahead and the battles waiting to be fought. During those times ahead, their friendship might be put to the test. Will the bond between them last or will the unpredictable events stain their friendship? Let’s see if the ladies made it all the way to the end…

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