40 Cars That Will Last More Than 250,000 Miles

Reliability has always been one of the key factors when buying a new car. Although the modern consumer mentality requires changing vehicles every two or three years, a number of people consider their car an investment that will last much longer than that.

Finding a car that will continue to drive after reaching 400,000 kilometers is not common, but it’s really not that complicated. There are still a few models in different categories that provide this type of longevity to their owners. Here are 40 recent classic cars that will hold more than 400,000 kilometers.

40. Subaru Forester

Ever since Subaru came out with the first Forester model, this car became a hit. Not only does it come with a great palette of engines, it also sports what is considered to be the best 4WD system available today. While the turbocharged variants are great, the naturally aspirated engines are known to reach beyond 250,000 miles with regular maintenance.

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