40 Celebrities Who Put Love Ahead Of Beauty, Marrying ‘Ugly’ Spouses

Have you ever imagined being married to one of the most alluring celebrities on the planet?

I imagine that the majority of us dream about it regularly, imagining to spend the rest of our lives with them, but the reality strikes us and we know that the chances are slim, even nil.


Well, learn from those ugly husbands and wives who have managed to hang the most beautiful women and the most seductive men in Hollywood. Their secret? Who knows ?

Lorde and James Lowe

Who on earth doesn’t know Lorde? Her songs are just brilliant plus the fact that she has a very pretty face and great fashion sense! However, it looks like Lorde can look way past behind the looks as she is happily in love with James Lowe.

Dating one of the biggest stars in the music industry is not all too nice and smooth for James as he is often referred to as too “ugly” for dear Lorde. The price you have to pay.

James is a photographer and the pair have been dating for three years. Despite her hectic schedule and international travels, James relates that he often misses her but the two are more in love than ever. Looks aren’t everything – we salute both of you!

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