40+ Unusual Photos of Famous Historic Moments

40+ Unusual Photos of Famous Historic Moments

There are old photographs that have been so rarely seen that you can get lost in them for a very long time. Behind every cliché of the past are past lives of thousands of our unknown ancestors, and it is always interesting to contemplate and discover what they tell us about the world and ourselves.

1 – The capsizing of the transatlantic liner SS Normandie on February 9, 1942, on pier 88 in New York.

When it finally enters commercial service, Normandy is the largest liner in the world. His maiden voyage is surrounded by great prestige, and after 1936, the liner began a career under the sign of luxury. However, it was interrupted by the Second World War and the ship was disarmed and remains docked in the port of New York.

At the end of 1941, it was requisitioned by the United States and renamed USS Lafayette, to be transformed into a troop carrier. However, an accidental fire broke out during the work in 1942, and the tons of water used by firefighters make it capsize.

2 – A woman walks with her baby in a gas-resistant baby carriage.

FW Mills designed gas-resistant prams for mothers to walk their babies in. It looks horrible and astonishing at the same time, to what lengths people had to go in order to protect their families during World War II. The rule was that everyone had to wear their gas masks at all times, and these prams proved to be a much better alternative for protecting infants.

The pram came with a glass and an air filter at the top, and even a motor that made sure that fresh air was being pumped inside. We can just hope that we never have to use anything like prams ever again in our future.

3 – Neil Armstrong photographed by Buzz Aldrin shortly after his moonwalk. [1969]

It was July 20 when Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk the surface of the moon. We should all remember his inspiring phrase: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Apollo 11 launched from Florida on July 16, arriving at its destination three days later. While the Command Module Pilot Michael Collins remained in the orbit of the moon, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were making their way towards its surface.

It was a superb endeavor that has given everyone hope that one day, we’ll actually become spacefaring beings and explore the untold number of planets in our galaxy. Hopefully, we’ll see more events like this unfold in the near future and be witnesses to them.

4 – A photo taken from behind the statue of Lincoln during Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous speech, “I have a dream.” [28 August 1963]

The legendary speech was a combination of Martin Luther King Jr’s previously delivered speeches, with many references to the Bible and the Founding Founders interwoven within it. His speech became one of the signature moments of the civil rights movement and it still echoes to this day.

During the speech, he expressed the severity of issues that African Americans were still faced with and the struggles of their lives. The turnout was much larger than expected – more than 250,000 people descended on Washington to take part in an event larger than any other that had taken place in the capital before, and hear words of wisdom. He had definitely some of the most significant pages of African American history and has been an inspiration ever since.

But we’ve only just begun. Let’s see what’s next…

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