A Day At The Beach Made Funny

A Day At The Beach Made Funny

Completely absurd, amusing beach moments captured on film!

There’s nothing quite like a lavish, cozy day at the beach. The sand and ocean always giving you such relaxation, bliss, and most importantly — funny moments! And because of that social media has taken everything to new levels. Animals are even getting in on these photogenic moments in the sun, and hey, who can blame them? Dogs are above all guilty of this too, but they’re not alone!

Seeing Double Doggy

One dog decided to take a stroll on the wild side, here on a pebble beach. And if you look at that warning sign, it seemes like this isn’t the very first time this occured.

In case it is time to change the picture, the internet already has the absolute perfect photo, just right here! From the perfect pose to the leap, and even its leash, everything is correctly in place. Although the snack could take a little improvement: Pebbles are bad!

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