This couple adopted triplets, then the doctors called the husband to announce something incredible

This couple adopted triplets, then the doctors called the husband to announce something incredible

Sarah and Andy, a couple from Tulsa, in Oklahoma, were desperate to be parents. After years of unsuccessful attempts, they decided it was time to consider adoption.

However, after their three years of trying to conceive without success, the adoption process was just as frustrating. Yet, the couple persevered and finally had the opportunity to adopt not one, not two, but three babies. Once the triplets were born, something incredible happened …

Family of Two

Sarah and Andy Justice were happy and loved their life together. They always knew they wanted to grow their family and become parents.

Pregnancy Struggles

After three years of marriage, the Justices felt something was missing. They decided it was time to grow their family. Unfortunately, having babies was not easy for the Justices. For three long years, the sweet couple tried to have babies naturally with no success. Struggling to get pregnant began to put a strain on their marriage. Times were tough but they finally decided it was time to try something else. Sarah and Andy tried to find a fertility doctor.

Fertility Expert

Sarah and Andy Justice lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Once they decided to go to a fertility specialist, the couple had trouble finding a good fertility specialist in their hometown. Eventually, they found a doctor that could help them get pregnant, but there was one inconvenience. The fertility specialist they wanted was all the way in St. Louis, MO. Even though the distance posed a problem, Sarah and Andy were determined to have kids and they would not let anything get in their way.

More Bad News

Getting to Missouri from Oklahoma for fertility treatment was quite a mission for Sarah and Andy. The year was 2014 and the couple left their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma and trekked to a doctor’s office in Missouri. The Justices were so determined to get pregnant that they drove for six long hours to reach the fertility expert in Missouri. Sadly, once they arrived in Missouri, Sarah and Andy received disappointing news. The visit was not successful and it seemed that there was no change Sarah could get pregnant.

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