After He Found This in His Neighbor’s Attic, He Advised Her to Burn the House Down

After He Found This in His Neighbor’s Attic, He Advised Her to Burn the House Down

Kevin has been wondering why his neighbor Ruth has been living and sleeping inside her car even though her home was just a few feet away. Among their neighbors, Ruth’s one of those friendly faces, and not once Kevin saw her go inside her house.

Once Kevin made a decision to enter her house he found out why she never did. He wasn’t able to fathom what he saw. No one would be able to live inside this house.

Kevin Hardly Knew His Neighbor

Even though Kevin lives across the road from Ruth for a couple years already, the two didn’t actually know each other that much.

The only thing that Kevin knew about Ruth was that she already retired several years ago and that she is living by herself. He didn’t know yet that some time a very unique friendship would blossom.

She Owned a Home— But Lived in Her Car

Kevin has always seen Ruth sleeping inside her car every night . He doesn’t get why she would instead choose to live like this rather than walking a few feet to her home.

Kevin, upon observing Ruth had realized that he hadn’t seen her going inside her house for weeks. Something was definitely wrong here.

What Was Wrong With Her Situation?

Everytime Kevin walked past Ruth’s car he would stop and check her, just to make sure that she was awake and doing well. They would end up having brief talks and soon Kevin began to piece her story together.

Kevin got sad by the fact that Ruth had been living and sleeping in a car. He just knew at that time that there had to be some reason why she chose to sleep in her own driveway rather than her home.

Her Whole Life Was in Her Car

Kevin sensed that Ruth’s somewhat gotten embarrassed regarding her situation whenever he passed by and checked on her. Even so, he couldn’t quite get why she would be.

Her home and her car, all belonged to her, she owns them. She already retired and everything looked fine. It looked like she was bound to have a good life, so what was really happening?

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