The Avengers Cast and Their Real-Life Romantic Partners

The Avengers Cast and Their Real-Life Romantic Partners

Once those credits roll and we walk outside of that movie theater, all we want is a another piece of what we just witnessed.

Welcome home, Avengers fans! There’s nothing quite as exciting as combining the two things we love most in this world – love itself and the Marvel universe. Of course, in this scenario we will be focusing especially on Marvel characters that have appeared in Avengers films, with a heavy preference on those who may or may not have been Avengers themselves.

And once we’ve covered what makes them so gosh darn awesome on the big screen, we’ll get into the juicy stuff – such as who gives their hearts butterflies in real life.

After getting our minds blown on screen, we want to know a thing or two about the outstanding cast members who helped make it so. We want to know what their hobbies are, where they like to go when they’re down on their luck, and most importantly – who their gorgeous romantic partners are.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re still pining for the next Marvel film to come out, and you want to get to know the cast members a little bit better, look no further. This is where you’ll not only read about their on screen characters, but also learn a bit about their love lives off the set!

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