15 Broke Celebrities Now Working Normal Jobs

15 Broke Celebrities Now Working Normal Jobs

The lure of the limelight might seem irresistible to most of us. After all, there’s fame, fortune and everything that goes with being a celebrity. However, many celebrities decided to leave everything behind to go back to a normal, everyday life.

These celebrities said goodbye to limelight and hello to a normal job.


Remember “Big George,” the professional boxer? Foreman is a two-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist! He’s not throwing punches anymore though. His boxing career was sealed after he lost a match to the boxing icon Muhammad Ali in the famous “Rumble in Jungle” match although it wasn’t his final match. He had a few comebacks but he never rose to the former fame. Since then, Mr. Foreman has changed his career altogether.


After his boxing days, this guy became the spokesperson for the George Foreman Grill, helping to sell over 100 million grills around the world!

Now a proclaimed businessman and an entrepreneur, Foreman has had several breakthroughs onto the public scene – he wrote several books, launched his own clothing line, and he even had his own reality show called “Family Foreman ” in 2008 but this venture was short-lived. If he had known he’d prove to be such a successful entrepreneur, he might never take up boxing but apparently, it was during a blackout after he was knocked down at a match that he had an epiphany about grilled meat. It seems that everything happens for a reason.

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