Bruce Lee Was A Lean Mean Martial Arts Machine – But The Army Wouldn’t Let Him Serve In Vietnam

Bruce Lee Was A Lean Mean Martial Arts Machine – But The Army Wouldn’t Let Him Serve In Vietnam

Bruce Lee was known as one of the most influential martial artists that the world has ever met. He is widely known for his exceptional combat expertise and physical talent. Even so despite Lee’s amazing facet and strength, a very peculiar reason prevented him from serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

Lee became a worldwide hit back in the 1960s when he started appearing on U.S. TV and then after in numerous highly successful films. But before all of that that, he was already highly commended in combat circles for his Kung-fu expertise and the pioneering of his own unique style in martial arts. And so the exceptional legacy he left in that martial arts field has lived on for very long even after his untimely death.

The martial arts hero reveled in success in Hollywood, movies like The Way of the Dragon and Fist of Fury are noted as classics of their genre. Moreover, Lee’s amazing fitness proficiency and physical triumphs soon became a legend. These included having a lightning speed of five hundredth of a second and the ability to do push ups using just two fingers. Yet, Lee’s almost unparalled ability and strength in regards with martial arts deemed not enough for conscription by the U.S. Army.

Anyone would think why the American military not want someone with legendary martial artist skill to be in the service? We’ll get to the astounding details of that in just a little bit. But firstly, we should take a thorough look at the exceptional life and career of this remarkable star.

Lee Jun-fan was brought in the world in November 1940 at the Jackson Street Hospital in San Francisco. And it was believed that a nurse from the institution was the first to gave him the name “Bruce.” Even so, it seemed that Lee didn’t use that name until he started studying English in high school.

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