Bullies Teased Her Badly, But How She Fought Back Surprised Everyone

Bullies Teased Her Badly, But How She Fought Back Surprised Everyone

After learning that she was born with dwarfism, Hannah’s birth mother immediately put her up for adoption. Months passed by, and it seemed as if nobody in the world wanted her.

Miracles Do Happen

Eventually, a sweet couple called Jackie and Larry arrived and fell in love with the little girl from the moment they met her. What they didn’t know, was that little Hannah would one day do something to shock them.

Falling On Hard Times

It was definitely hard for Jackie and Larry sky to raise their new addition to the family with such special needs. Nevertheless, it was a choice they wanted to make and were happy with. It was also one that would literally save their lives.

She Knew She Was Different

Compared to other girls her age, it obvious that she was different. As she grew, it became obvious that she wasn’t physically growing like her siblings. Hannah realized that she was special as only 100 people in the world are born with primordial dwarfism. But there was one challenge that would be too hard to cope with: high school.

Made Fun Of

Hannah had to deal with lots of health complications such as heart conditions and brain aneurysms. On top of that every day at school people would make fun of her. At 19-years-old, people would say that she’s a five-year-old. She also has to deal with people staring at her, and of course there’s the bullies. Her crush even told her to her face that nobody would ever date her, which hurt so much. But as Hannah and everyone else would soon discover, he was very wrong.

Siblings To The Rescue

Hannah was blessed to have been adopted by such loving parents and even siblings. Often it is hard for children to accept new siblings as their own, but they welcomed her with open arms, and when the bullies would attack her at school, they were always there to stick up for her and ward them away. There were often occasions that fights broke out even, but all in the name of protection of their sister.

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