Bus Driver Makes An Unexpected Move After Seeing Man In A Wheelchair

Bus Driver Makes An Unexpected Move After Seeing Man In A Wheelchair

As we all know, having a disability comes with challenges. However that doesn’t mean disabled people want to be feel sorry for or treated otherwise. They just want to be able to live their lives while getting the same respect like everyone else, even so that can get complicated.

When a wheelchair-bound man was having a hard time accessing the bus because of some uncaring fellow passengers, he was for sure thinking that his commute or at most, even his day would be ruined. Thankfully, someone went out of their way to set things straight, showing that with just a little decency it could go a long way.

Having a disability and having to move around a large, crowded is without a doubt no easy task. Moreso if you are bound in a wheelchair, when Francois Le Berre travels through Paris, France, he never expected to meet this fair share of difficulties.

Francois suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, which is an autoimmune condition that can obstruct someone’s capability to move. He’s been on this condition for several years already and adapted well enough to be wheeling around.

Francois is not alone: Multiple Sclerosis, or M.S., is known to affect about two million people around the world. Symptoms that you should watch out for other than having some problem walking are problems regarding sight, muscle strength, and numbness. As of the moment no cure has been found even so it can still be treated.

Luckily for Francois, he resides in the outskirts of the city where there were still lots of buses. They were wheelchair friendly, too, including ramps and designated space for people with disabilities.

Back in October 18, 2018, Francois and his brother were in the French suburb of Porte de Clichy, just outside the center of Paris. And as usual, they were waiting for the bus to go into the city.

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