Cancer! Stop eating these 19 foods

Cancer! Stop eating these 19 foods

2. GMOs (Like in Milk/Coffee Creamer)

Or rather the GMOs (or hormones) often used in cows to increase milk production. It is a nearly-proven cancer-causing substance that has been banned in most countries.

One study found that, in guinea pigs eating GM tomatoes, gastric ulcers developed over time. Those mice that ate genetically modified soybeans had damage to their liver, pancreas, and testes, while rabbits caused soybeans with diseased kidneys and serious heart problems. Modified peas often cause allergies in laboratory animals, with oilseed rape developing fatty liver and later cirrhosis. GM maize compromised the immunity of the animals tested, but it has also been shown to lead to abnormal changes in organs and decreased fertility, as well as to faster aging and shortening of lifespan.

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