Steer Clear: 12 Cars To Avoid In 2019

It goes without saying that today’s cars are better in almost every respect, since even the least expensive ones offer acceptable levels of performance and quality of construction. However, as has always been the case, some models tend to be better partners on the asphalt than others.

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While the worst cars and trucks on the market were ever criticized for their poor assembly and finishing, their tendency to rust at the slightest hint of moisture, or their dubious design that tended to leave motorists stranded by catastrophic failures, today’s worst-rated models tend to be criticized instead for a monotonous list of relatively simple and minor problems, such as information and entertainment systems that are difficult to master.

At that, some cars and trucks have either lost whatever limited appeal they may have had by lingering in the marketplace for an extended period without undergoing a major redesign, or simply failed to engage the consumer today. In addition to having lower than average performance and reliability ratings, these are the 2019 cars that could definitely improve.

12. Mitsubishi Mirage

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In an automotive segment that’s been largely rendered irrelevant by affordable petrol, the Mirage is sub-par at best, with a choppy ride, unpleasant handling, and languid acceleration from its 74-horsepower three-cylinder engine. Consumer Reports puts it in last place among subcompacts, with poor predicted reliability to go with a dismal JD Power rating for initial quality.

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