He Stole From Them For 27 Years Until He Was Finally Caught

He Stole From Them For 27 Years Until He Was Finally Caught

1. Someone is Watching

For almost 30 years, residents of North Pond, Maine, USA heard disturbing rustling during the night. They woke up sometimes because of surprising noises, but when they turned on the light, they saw nothing strange.

Once, someone saw a vague silhouette, but nothing more. They could feel something watching them in the dark and knew that things went missing soon after.

Who was the creature or the demon who robbed them? The inhabitants of the peaceful village now lived in terror every time they went to bed. Why did the thief target them every day?

2. A Bizarre Criminal

Whoever the thief was, he or she was incredibly odd. The thief would steal small items: books, magazines, junk food, jeans, winter jackets, heavy boots, small radios and batteries. Never any expensive gear that could easily sell for thousands of dollars. Rumors went wild and the creeping lurker attained all manner of curious nicknames such as the “North Pond Hermit”, “Maine’s Loch Ness monster”, the “stealthy yeti”, “the Hungry Man”, and “the Mountain Man.”

Vacation homes and cabins were often targeted in the middle of the week, while the owners were away. Neighbors lived far apart from one another that there was nobody to spot the thief in the act. It was an incredibly bizarre case and police became dead set on finding this miscreant. Could the burglar targeting the community have more sinister plans?

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