Dad Gets Mad When His Son Returned Home From School With A Weird Mark On His Arm

Dad Gets Mad When His Son Returned Home From School With A Weird Mark On His Arm

The first time that he saw the mark on his kid’s arm, he did paid much attention to it. But when he found out what it really was and how it got there, everything changed. His vision went red when he found out what was going on! What possessed the school to shame his son in a very cruel way? He then went on to pull up his son’s sleeve and took a picture to show to everyone. Whoever thought it was a very smart idea was definitely going to pay for what his child experienced.

She Did Her Research

Tara Chavez made it a point to review the schools in their part of Phoenix before eventually deciding on Desert Cove Elementary School. She thought-out everything before making this decision, choosing the right school was not an issue that she took lightly.

Well-Being Of A Young Boy

Other things to be considered, she had to factor in affordability and class size. Withal, the the well-being of her son will be the deciding factor. His son was a sensitive boy, so she wanted to make sure that he would be treated well.

The School Sounded Perfect

During several open days, Tara went to the school. She had a feeling that Desert Cove Elementary School was going to be the perfect school for her son, so she finalized the paperwork and enrolled his son.


If anyone told her back then that she would regret her decision after every researched she has done, she would not believe them. Not once did she think that her decision would open a controversy! After speaking about her plight, other parents decided to stand their ground too.

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