Archaeologists Have Just Made An Unexpected Discovery On Easter Island

It’s “the island with a peculiar name,” or “the island with the heads.” But there is so much more to this mystical pacific gem. There is something strange about Easter Island and archeologists may have deciphered this mystery.


These mysterious heads

The ancient stone heads, known as Moai, have puzzled researchers and travelers for centuries. Archaeologists have done their utmost to determine their origins and why their construction stopped. This phenomenon is shrouded in mystery, but what is even more disturbing is the location of the island …

Markings Revealed Everything

Some of the discoveries that the EISP are absolutely jaw-dropping. Under one of the statues, Van Tilburg’s team found a particularly interesting relic. The stone had a crescent shape carved into its surfaces. According to researchers, it was believed to symbolize a canoe, or a vaka. The statues that this stone was found within have petroglyphs written on its sides. The team made the conclusion that the designs, together with the petroglyphs strongly hinted at the people responsible for the statue’s construction.

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