Dog Won't Stop Growing, Mom Checks DNA Test And Realizes Why

Dog Won’t Stop Growing, Mom Checks DNA Test And Realizes Why

When she picked up the phone she wasn’t expecting to hear something like this. What she was listening to made her head out to Broward County immediately. Upon arriving what she saw there made her jaw dropped.

With its black coat and sturdy muscles it was surely a fascinating scene. Staring at its yellow eyes, she realized she’d been lied to and that made her feel bad. Hoping that once the DNA results are in the poor animal won’t have to suffer anymore.

Animal Lover

With her love for animals and to help every one of them as much as she could, Nancy Smith made her own animal sanctuary. Not only her shelter provided a compassionate environment but it also helped in rehabilitating the animals.

As years go by, Nancy diligently searched and hand-picked her team for the shelter. Her team were as loving about animals as her and as compelling to help them. And as expected it all took them with suprise when they found out what animal they will be housing next, it left them with just more questions rather than answers.

A Big Heart

Brittany Allen, one of the sanctuary’s team members who had been working at the shelter for almost ten years already, commented that this animals was probably the most intimadating they’ve welcomed so far. When she faced the animal, she wasn’t just awed but also got scared.

But for some reasons she felt a connection the animals and only hope for the best. And then when they found out the history and the truth of their latest rescue, it angered her. There’s no way someone will accept this kind of situation.

A Weird Call

Just a day before Nancy’s eventful trip to Florida’s east cost, she answered a weird phone call. On the other end of the line the man won’t share his identity but told her of his urgent need to surrender an animal.

As she was on her way to the Browen Animal Shelter to pick up the animal, the strange phone call came to her mind. According to the other party, the reason they were giving the animal up is that it became too big than what they expected.

Caught Off Guard

Remembering their talk, the man said that he was aware of what he was getting into back then. He even mentioned that he did his research and took notes regarding this exotic dog breed, and read on what other people has said regarding this animal.

Other than that, he got all necessary stuff like bed, tag, collar and more. He thought he was ready and confident for the commitment he will be going through. However, it all changed when the animal continued growing, and outgrowing almost everyone. And then something else happened.

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