Even Financial Advisors Cannot Believe These Dream-Like Celebrity Homes

Even Financial Advisors Cannot Believe These Dream-Like Celebrity Homes

Novak Djokovic: $15 Million, Miami

Novak Djokovic is ranked as the second-best tennis player in the world and it seems he is not doing too badly for himself with his luxury Miami condo set at $15 million. Most definitely one of the most gorgeous spots in Miami Beach, it is located in the exclusive Eighty-Seven Park complex. Measuring at 4,140 square feet, the apartment consists of 5 bedrooms, a large dining area, and an expansive terrace which overlooks the ocean.

Leonardo DiCaprio: $1.75 Million, Belize

The legendary actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, is also a keen environmentalist. So he combined two things – money and caring for the environment, to transform this 104-acre isle into an eco-friendly, luxury resort. He bought the island, known as Belize’s Blackadore Caye back in 2005 for $1.75 million, and built 36 luxury villas to sell for $5 million each, as well as 36 residential homes. Now that construction is coming to its completion it seems DiCaprio has done a good job! The aim is that only reusable water bottles will be allowed for sale on the island, every vehicle will only use clean energy, and all the food products will be organic and come from local sources. Of course, all the construction was done with local materials and powered by solar energy.

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