This Family Thought They’d Adopted A Rare Pet Dog, But It Turned Out To Be Something Else Altogether

Having a puppy makes it one of the most memorable moments in a growing family . But when this family adopted its new member, a certain dog breed, they were very excited to start raising him. However, their excitement suddenly turn into fear as soon as they notice that something is not quite right on their newest family member.


A Bundle of Joy

Su Yun is just like any mother around the globe, a very hardworking one, life is always on the go. Where she always felt like she had her hands full with family time juggling between raising their two kids and spending quality time with her husband.

Su Yun and her family lived in the southwest province of Kunming City in China. Living in a relatively normal life, however, that normality was about to change. She was thinking of adding a new member to their family – a pet. And what she initially thought would be a delightful addition would suddenly take a bad turn, making it’s way to news headlines, making their family the center of attention and changing their lives.

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