Famous Gay Couples (engaged or married) That'll Melt Your Heart

Famous Gay Couples (engaged or married) That’ll Melt Your Heart

Thanks to social advances in the United States, we have seen more and more people feel comfortable enough to reveal their homosexuality to the world. As a result, we have more and more relationships between gay celebrities. Today we are looking at LGBT celebrities and the people with whom they live in happiness!

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

When we only know you by your first name, as is the case with Ellen DeGeneres, you kind of are a big deal. DeGeneres is one of the biggest advocates for LGBT rights and her wife Portia De Rossi has been right there at her side.

De Rossi is a celebrity in her own light, having starred in Arrested Development. This is a smiling couple that’ll never need a cosmetic dentist to fix their grins.

Thomas Roberts and Patrick D. Abner

Picture this: you’re marrying your longtime partner of 12 years on the magical rooftop of the Gansevoort Park Avenue. Sounds pretty epic and adorable, no? That’s exactly what happened for this wonderful couple and we’re so happy for the pair! Moreover, neither one needs a cosmetic dentist, their teeth are PERfect!

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