Farmer’s Rare Backyard Discovery Leads to Historic Breakthrough

All of it began one Christmas Time in 2015. A rural farmer in Argentina strolled about his property when something unusual caught his eye…

Jose Antonio Nievas noticed the huge object had made itself an alcove at the edge of the stream on his property. The object was deeply entrenched in the dirt, but Jose immediately started out excavating the strange discovery, making use of his bare hands to show what was hidden. But absolutely nothing may have well prepared him for which he was about to unearth…


In A Land Far Far Away

The unusual object was found in a small city called Carlos Spegazzini, simply a brief drive from the capital city of Buenos Aires. The suburb is home to both farmers and several affluent communities. But what this rural farmer found…

An Odd Object

When Jose arrived on the scene, he began to drill down at the object. Nevertheless, he quickly found himself running to share with his spouse. Jose needed more help if he was going to look into this oddity.

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