Father And Son Take Same Photo For 25 Years! Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!

Father And Son Take Same Photo For 25 Years! Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!

The relationship between a father and his son can be very complex. Being a father is one of the most difficult missions in life. Supporting your child in all aspects of your life and maintaining the best expression of masculinity can be a tough job. Fathers and sons may have very different interests or even no connection. Today, we can discover a wonderful story of a father and a son.

This charming duo took photos of themselves for over two decades. They recorded all the subtle changes they went through and the pictures reflect a touching but inevitable course of time and how it took a toll on their physical appearance.

Read on and watch their touching photographs as they grow older in front of your eyes:


The first picture on his son’s first birthday. Huge moment in both of their lives, for sure. This was the beginning of their photo-journey. Let’s see how far they will come together.


A year went past really fast. The child grows fast and already started to look like his father. Although the age difference is huge, you can clearly see that the boy is his father’s son. The eyes, the nose, the facial expression – it is as if the son is a living mirror of his father. After only one year after the first picture was taken, the little boy is already beginning to be the spitting image of his father.

One can clearly see the affection and close bond between the parent and his child. None of them knew what they would look like once the photo-voyage was over but they knew that they would persist and take the same photo every year. It must be amazing and touching to see things in retrospect as they did.


A year later. The son grows insanely fast. Is he going to be taller than his father? As if the previous picture was not enough to prove how much the son looks like his father, this one seems to remind us of that fact even more. As the child starts getting that boyish glow, the father also looks very happy to be in the loving company of his son.

Although we can’t know for sure why they keep picking out the white plain background, we can only speculate. Perhaps they didn’t want anything to distract our attention from their faces. Maybe they just wanted us to focus on their appearance and notice the subtle changes taking place in front of our eyes.


The little guy looks definitely happy in his father’s protecting arms. Now that three years have gone by, we can clearly see how their bond grew stronger. In the previous photographs, the boy was affectionate toward his father but this one really strikes the chord. It distinctly demonstrates how close the father and the son are but it also shows how the boy is still dependent on his father to give him all the love and support he can.

It’s always so moving to see little children expressing untarnished love and affection toward their parents as this boy is obviously showing. For him, his father is the biggest figure in his life and he is clinging on to him as the biggest source of support and love there is.

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