Father, Mother And Son Take The Same Photo For 21 Years. Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!

Family is probably the most important thing in life. So this couple decided to immortalise the growth of their son, creating wonderful memories for the whole family. Check out their fascinating photos to see how they have changed and what they have gone through over the years.



Back in the early 90’s this happy couple took a photo holding hands above their newborn son.


A year later, the parents decided to take the exact same picture. The little baby’s grown a little, now standing on his own feet and holding his parents hands.


The tradition goes on. The whole family here is barefoot, dressed in dark shorts and white shirts, happily smiling in the camera. The parents are holding their little son by the hand as he is hanging up in the air. We wonder what is going through the parents’ minds as they pose for the images. Are they hopeful about the future? Are they planning on having any more children?

Being a parent means you have to ask yourself some questions over and over again, questioning yourself if you are a good parent or if you’re doing the right thing. These two parents definitely did this right and now we can admire this family’s wonderful journey through time as they age and their son grows up.

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