Hilarious Airport Fails That Will Make Your Day

Hilarious Airport Fails That Will Make Your Day

Air travel can be without problems or an absolute disaster, you never really know in which way it will go. Below, and in the pages that follow, we present you the most hilarious moments that have occurred at airports.


Now, these are great ideas. JetBlue is offering its customers the ability to take a nap unaffected by your loud and bright surroundings in these super cool space like sleep pods. But the only issue is that these babies might be so cozy that you end up passing out and missing your flight because you couldn’t wake up. This would be the biggest airport fail.


This is a genius hack when your toddler has a hissy fit, it will even prevent them from getting lost. All Aboard. Kids are funny, they just kick up a fuss in the worst situations it’s like they know when the worst possible timing is and they choose then to cause a stir. Well, we wouldn’t mind being wheeled around like that, does that mean that we need to start having a tantrum?


We all have heard the story of a man who checked his 12-ounce beer because airport security wouldn’t let him bring it on the plane. This beer cost him nearly $30 USD to check under the plane… must be a really good beer. There are definitely those items we just can’t live without and have to take everywhere with us, we were thinking more like our favorite teddy or candy if we go to another country, but this beer really must be something special.


This baggage claim has spiced things up a bit so that when travelers are waiting for their bags they have something fun to look at. This looks like kids are actually swimming through the belt. Waiting for your bag is stressful, will it come will it not? what if it doesn’t come how will I brush my teeth tonight? oh my god my important dress for tomorrow is in there, all these thoughts arise, so this fun advert helps to make a stressful time more playful.


Moving walkways always take a while to get used to, are you supposed to go slow? or fast? These kids are making up their own rules clearly, but seem to be making the most of their long layover. What will happen next we wonder? Will she jump over her friend? will they fall? Oh it’s all a big guessing game from here. One thing is for sure, don’t try this at home.


Even superstars like Kim Kardashian has to go through airport security. We wonder if her booty ever bleeps. She has nailed her airport style, whether it is stylish shades or long leather boots, this icon always dresses to impress when traveling, as if the airport is her runway. We think it will take a while to take those boots off Kim, maybe they aren’t the most practical shoes to travel in, then she has to put them back on again what a faff.

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