No, This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look Closer

No, This Photo Has Not Been Edited, Look Closer

Throughout history there are many events that are picture worthy. People from all walks of life immortalize these moments. Moments of happiness to disasters, or just curious things. One thing is certain, these photos were not supposed to be seen by the public.

We gathered 88 of these snapshots that serve as memories of the past and allow us to see what life really looked like at the time. Because as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Women Fighting Battles for Rights

An extremely powerful photograph from 1957 shows how two 15-year olds can be at such extreme ends of the civil rights battle. Elizabeth Eckford holds her head high and proudly walks as she was not allowed entrance to Central High School in Little Rock. In the same picture, Hazel Bryan Massery is seen yelling, and looking on with hatred, at the fact that Elizabeth Eckford is even there.

Kobe, Japan Bombing

Kobe, Japan was a site of more than one of the many bombings that the Allied forces did across Japan during World War II. The most massive being on March 16th and 17th in 1945 that aimed for military and civilian targets in the area. The Allied forces only waited a few days before hitting the area again, causing even more damages and deaths in the area.

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