Look At These Celebs Who Are Aging Tragically

Look At These Celebs Who Are Aging Tragically

Being a celebrity kind of requires this job description: being able to keep up with your appearance, however no amount of money can stop such aging process in its tracks. Sure enough a lot of A-listers have been adored with unnaturally amazing genes and beautifully accept new wrinkles and grays that may pop up, other celebs have not been very lucky.

Check out which celebrities don’t look their age, and not in a bad way in this list we prepared.

While such of these cases are because of bad lifestyle choices like overdone drug and alcohol use and too much plastic surgeries, others look like to be just unfortunate.

Lindsay Lohan Then

This party princess used to be one of the hottest young celebrities in Hollywood…

Lindsay Lohan Now

…but then drug and alcohol abuse got her going to rehab (and also, jail). Nowadays, Lindsay has taken on the appearance of a middle-aged addict, and she’s just at her early 30s.

Brendan Fraser Then

Brendan Fraser was a very dreamy guy back then, particularly as the George Of The Jungle.

Brendan Fraser Now

The lead of The Mummy franchise has since somewhat fallen off the face of the earth, and it’s easy to understand why…

Meg Ryan Then

The lead of so many romantic comedies, Meg Ryan used to be the most captivating and wacky blonde Hollywood had to offer.

Meg Ryan Now

Unluckily she end up relying too much on plastic surgery that she’s almost indistinguishable.

Ok, to be fair, she does not look that bad, but wait till you see the others, drugs are bad people…

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