What Happened To These Beautiful Actresses?

These actresses were among the most beautiful women on the planet, have they changed dramatically?

Raquel Welch

75 years old Welch shows us that she is the perfect example of timeless beauty. The actress and singer was born Jo-Raquel Tejada, from a Bolivian father and an American mother. She was awarded a scholarship at San Diego State College to study comedy and began performing on stage for local productions.

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Welch was a weather presenter on a local television station before becoming a model for Neiman Marcus. Her first important role was in “The Fantastic Voyage”, released in 1966.

Kelly Le Brock

Kelly Le Brock was brought up in London. Her acting debut was in the movie ‘The Woman In Red’, where she co-starred with Gene Wilder. Le Brock’s looks have helped to cast her in a specific type of role, as an ideal or fantasy woman in movies like ‘The Woman In Red’ and ‘Weird Science’.

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