What Happened To These Beautiful Actresses?

What Happened To These Beautiful Actresses?

These actresses were among the most beautiful women on the planet, have they changed dramatically?

Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal was born in Japan, as Viki Ree Principal, daughter of a United States Air Force Sergeant. Due to her father’s profession, they moved around a lot and Victoria actually grew up in London, Florida, and Puerto Rico, switching schools all the time. Victoria Principal started her acting career at the early age of 5 in TV commercials. In 1970 Victoria Principal moved to Hollywood, with no money, car or connections. Later on, she became one of our most beloved actresses.

Raquel Welch

75 years old Welch shows us that she is the perfect example of timeless beauty. The actress and singer was born Jo-Raquel Tejada, from a Bolivian father and an American mother. She was awarded a scholarship at San Diego State College to study comedy and began performing on stage for local productions.

Welch was a weather presenter on a local television station before becoming a model for Neiman Marcus. Her first important role was in “The Fantastic Voyage”, released in 1966.

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