Mom Has No Idea Why Vacation Photo Went Viral, Then She Sees The Background

Mom Has No Idea Why Vacation Photo Went Viral, Then She Sees The Background

When all of a sudden the pictures she took went viral she knew she need to take look at them again. These pictures which were taken at different times were of her friend and her cousin. At first look, she didn’t notice anything stranger but when she looked much closer she eventually noticed it.

There, seen in the picture, way in the background was something she that will stay on her mind forever. Her heart began to race and she felt her blood run cold. At first, she didn’t seemed to understand what she had found but now that it became a viral sensation, everything made sense.

The Mystery Peak

Dundas Peak is a very well known hiking spot in Canada. It has a very astonishing scenic viewpoint which ends up overlooking the city of Hamilton, in Ontario. As it is, it is also the home to Tew’s Falls, the highest falls in Hamilton. Because of the peak’s ghastly nature and attraction it has end up being a well known place for people to take pictures.

Even so, there was something hiding beneath that beautiful wilderness and now, thanks to her, we finally got the proof.


Based on the information from the local authorities, there had been a huge hike in reports of missing persons around the peak. Sadly, a few of them were never found again.

Even with these alarming reports and the looming dangers of the peak, about 140,000 visitors have flocked the Dundas Peak ever since 2016. However, little did one of these visitors know that they would mark a very peculiar chapter in Dundas Peak’s history.

The Picture

The picture that had been taken showed himself by the edge of the peak in a pose very popular among those who have taken pictures there. At first look, it didn’t seem like something was different compared from any other taken there.

He was wearing a dark jacket and jeans, sitting by the edge of the peak, with one leg dangling over the edge of the abyss below. And yet, nobody had picked on what has been lurking in the background.


His cousin, Kim, saw his pictures and a few days later she decided to go up to the peak too with one of her friends. She called for a babysitter and went off to the peak to go and recreate her cousin’s pictures.

The women went to hike the 2.4-mile circular trail to the spot they were aiming for. They took rounds to pose and recreate the pictures, without having known that they will soon discover something threatening.

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