13 Of The Most Beautiful Female Billionaires

13 Of The Most Beautiful Female Billionaires

Youth, Fame, Beauty, and Fortune: These Ladies Have it All (And A Few Who Lost it All)

Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela

Ana is a 45-year-old who is worth $2 billion. Her great-grandfather established Itau, which is one of the largest banks in Brazil. The bank merged with Unibanco and together they are known as Itau-Unibanco, the largest non-state bank in Latin America.

Ana is married and keeps a low profile living in Sao Paulo. However, she’s the youngest female billionaire in Brazil and has a fortune that has her set for life

Serra Sabanci

Serra Sabanci is a 46-year-old worth $1.1 billion because of the family business. She is a shareholder and board member of Sabanci Holdings, which is Turkey’s largest financial and industrial conglomerate. Her father was tragically killed by a gunman in 1996, who was hired by assassins.

Serra is the 28th richest person in Turkey. She went to the University of Portsmouth and graduated with honors from the Department of Economics of Istanbul Bilgi University.

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