11 Most Potent Natural Antibiotics

11 Most Potent Natural Antibiotics

The discovery and progress of antibiotics has been a big lifesaver for humans and animals alike. Before its discovery, many bacterial infections led to death – what started as a minor infection escalated until the body could no longer endure it. After antibiotics, millions of lives were saved and surgeries has been a lot safer.

Sadly, bacteria are can adapt at a high rate. They become immune as they evolve fast versus the medications our experts throw at it. This process is what we call antibiotic resistance, and it is happening every second. To note, the overuse of antibiotics has greatly accelerated this process.

For this reason, it is often better to give your body a little bit of time to try and fight the bacteria without any medication. Improve your natural infection-fighting ability by consuming more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds on a regular basis. And when your body needs a boost to fight off a annoying bug, try the following 11 natural antibiotic foods we’ve listed.

Fun-fact: one of these is regarded as one of the most famous gifts ever given – can you guess it? But first, know a little bit about how the overuse of synthetic antibiotics is pushing the population toward a global crisis.

The Overuse of Antibiotics

Most livestock producers use antibiotics in their animal feed to lessen the risk that one sick animal will spread disease to the entire herd. Meaning, our meat has lots of antibiotics. Humans are prone to throwing excess medication in the toilet, which puts antibiotics in our water supply. Fish that later end up on our plates also eat or absorb these medicines.

At times, desperate patients ask for an antibiotic even when their infection is viral, just so they can feel like they’re doing something to get better.

The result is that we all end up consuming antibiotics on a daily basis. This level of overuse has pushed antibiotic resistance to a certain point. Soon there will be super bacteria that medical science has no way of treating. New antibiotics are being developed at all times, but that doesn’t mean it is being done fast. If you’re feeling scared, you should be.

There is really no way to be positive that you are not getting antibiotics in your water or food, but you can minimize your exposure by only taking prescribed antibiotics when you really need to.

Don’t gamble with your health, but let your body fight off an infection with the support of these 11 foods before you ask for an antibiotic.

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