The Most Unforgettable Oscars Outfits Of All Time

The Most Unforgettable Oscars Outfits Of All Time

The Oscars is the event of the year where most of the fashionistas are looking forward to. Celebrities have this day marked on their calendars a year in advance, and so do we. We don’t know about you, but sit and wait to watch and to see the sea of gowns flooding the red carpet. There are always the garish gowns, the over-the-top dresses, and the absolute faux pas.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has risen to stardom, becoming one of the world’s hottest top models, alongside her best buds Gigi and Bella. She recently hit the red carpet, leaving little to the imagination, and that material with those heels, a recipe for disaster was just waiting to happen.


Well well well, Ri Ri is definitely known for experimenting with fashion, but here she has really pushed the boat out. We are not quite sure if this is extremely innovative and revolutionary, or just a big no no. The pink eyes and cheeks just accentuate the fact that she looks like a valentines bouquet.

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