30 Old Toys Worth a Fortune

30 Old Toys Worth a Fortune

If You Still Have These Old Toys, You Could Be Rich!

2. One Expensive Egg

Anyone who was a true ’90s kid definitely had a few digital pets, known as a Tamagotchis. These adorable pixelated creatures provided hours of entertainment, or maybe you just used them as a watch. They also apparently make for a great accessory to any outfit. Either way, you definitely owned a piece of toy history right there, and are going to be happy to hear about what’s in store for you if you still own it.

If you still have an original Tamagotchi in its box then you might be looking at a cool $3,000, should you be looking to sell. Recently the pets have made a comeback. Even Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry showed up to the Met Gala in 2016 sporting the gadgets.

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