Police Officer Pulls Over Woman, What He Sees In Her Backseat Changes Everything

Police Officer Pulls Over Woman, What He Sees In Her Backseat Changes Everything

In recent times, the public’s been having a love and hate relationship with police officers. We appreciate it when officers come to help us when we badly need it, but we are surely not fans when they give us fines and tickets. However for one Wilwuakee woman, her rendezvous with police officer Kevin Zimmerman changed her life entirely.

Almost all of us do our best to steer clear from police because they’re never been around any positive situations. Rather, they will just be there when your car gets stolen, or you’ve been caught speeding. But what began as an unlucky encounter with Officer Zimmerman, turned out to have a completely different ending for Andrella Jackson.

Kevin Zimmerman wanted to be the best of the best

When it comes to being a police, officer Zimmerman indeed went out of his way to try to be the best police officer he could ever be. He hoped to serve the state, but he also wished to be a positive force in his community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Everyday, Kevin would wake up in the morning, put his uniform on, and go to work, leaving his family at home. Yet, Kevin isn’t just your typical police officer. This story will highlight how special officer Kevin really had been.

Kevin had a motto while working on the force

Police officers really do have an amazingly demanding job, typically circling around emergency situations and observing citizens. This isn’t an easy task. However, Kevin thought that by using his badge he would make a positive difference within his community. He would always make sure that the roads were safe and help protect vulnerable people.

It was not really easy, yet Kevin had a goal in mind to achieve while being on the force. He was an officer who hoped to make a difference in the community he lived in.

It was like any normal day

Even though a lot of us are very lucky not to have work during the weekends, the same cannot be said for police officers. Kevin woke up one Saturday morning in October, ready to fulfill his shift by observing traffic. Fall was coming to an end, and it was getting a little bit cold outside.

However that did not matter much to him. He was ready to began his day. Yet, the last thing Kevin was not expecting was to pull over one car that would change his life and the driver’s life forever.

It all started while he was monitoring traffic

Kevin was given tasked to observe traffic and pull over any cars that will blow off the alarms. The system would then scan the license plates of these people driving by, and Kevin would patiently wait until he was needed to act.

Observing traffic plays a vital role in our community, since it stops people from speeding on the road and can catch people who have unregistered license plates. However, Kevin was not particularly thinking that this day will be something special, nor did he thought that he would be changing someone’s life.

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