Popular Baby Names You’ll Seriously Regret in 10 Years

Choosing the name of a baby is never easy. You have to find a balance (difficult) between your own opinions and your family’s ideas. Not to mention the perfect strangers who come to put their two cents! It would be a shame to choose something that does not stand the test of time.

You think it’s impossible? Think carefully. Bertha was the tenth most popular first name in 1890, but do you imagine a “Bertha” becoming the most popular girl in high school today? So, to avoid a potential failure, here are some baby names that will be ridiculous in 10 years.


The trend of the “-ayden” names started in the 1990’s and has remained popular through all of the 2000s. But just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it’s good. Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard held an informal survey to find the most hated baby names. For boys, “-ayden” names rank high on the hate list: Jayden, Aiden, Brayden, Kaden, and Hayden all make the top ten. (Sorry, boys!)

Though Zayden isn’t featured on the list, it’s gaining popularity. Given that similar names have had such a bad reception — a lot of people said “-ayden” names are “getting old” — it’s safe to say Zayden won’t be well liked in years to come.

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