Popular Baby Names You'll Seriously Regret in 10 Years

Popular Baby Names You’ll Seriously Regret in 10 Years


Though Olivia made it to number three on Baby Center’s Most Popular Names of 2016 list, its red-headed step sister (pronounced the exact same way as Olivia), Aliviyah, hasn’t gotten the same love. In fact, it made it to the “Worst Baby Names” list on Reddit — sharing the honor with gems such as Elizabreth and Little Sweetmeat.

Apparently, Reddit users were not big fans of “creative spelling.” Sabrina Rogers Anderson of Kidspot.com explains why it’s best to stick to the original or most common spelling.

“By placing an original “Y” in Alyson or a kooky “X” In Jaxon, you’re setting your child up for a lifetime of exasperation as they’re constantly forced to spell it out to friends, teachers, colleagues and semi-literate customer service representatives,” she says.

In a world where we want our children to stand out from the crowd, it seems we’ll do anything to give them a good head start. However, maybe we’re better off leaving our children to create their originality on their own.

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