Remember The Kid Bodybuilder? 15 Years After, He's Now All Grown Up

Remember The Kid Bodybuilder? 15 Years After, He’s Now All Grown Up

Meet Richard Sandrak — once called the world’s most powerful child and Little Hercules. His physique was unlike every other child’s, or perhaps for that matter, any adult’s. His journey to being super chiseled has been nothing but a wild ride. As a child, he was undertaking 600 sit-ups and push-ups per day and bench-pressing over three times his body weight. Sandrak grew up only knowing a life of extensive exercise and a very tough diet to ensure that he could get to be the world’s youngest bodybuilder.

Nevertheless, seeing that he’s all grown up, Richard Sandrak has since made a decision to take a new path and his life looks very different now. You’ll also be amazed to learn about his newly found calling.

1. Humble Beginnings

Back in 1992, in a small village in Ukraine, Pavel and Lena Sandrak welcomed their son Richard to the world. With skilled folks as Pavel and Lena as parents, it sounded like Richard was headed for greatness right off the bat.

Pavel and Lena both have come from sporting and competitive backgrounds. Pavel was a successful martial arts world champ, and Lena immersed herself within the world of competitive aerobics. It only looked natural for Richard to head the same route at the same time. And as expected, it ends up happening quicker than anybody may have predicted.

2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When Richard Sandrak turned two, his parents, Pavel and Lena, chose to relocate to Pennsylvania trying to find a better life. It was actually there, at just the young age of two, that Richard was exposed to weightlifting.

Pavel constructed a house health club where Richard would totter around while his dad would work out and trained. Generally, a parent would just allow his child be or entertain him with more child-like routines, however Pavel had a much better idea in mind.

3. Starting Young

Without even putting much thought with it at that time, Pavel started off giving his very little child, Richard, light weights to hold. He also taught him some elementary stretching and martial arts techniques in his residence gym.

Pavel immediately recognized Richard’s potential, completely forgetting that his son was just a child. As a very pleased dad, Pavel had extremely high hopes for Richard’s potential and wanted to make it possible. He understood what exactly he had to do to make it all happen.

4. First Weights

Lena Sandrak remembered from an interview how her son’s fitness career began. “He was about three and a half or four and we had a huge barbell. He was trying to lift it and hold it and shake it and I said ‘You know what? Let’s try something lighter.’”

Pavel and Lena created Richard his own set of personalized-sized small dumbells weighing only one half a pound. To work on his stability, Pavel end up having Richard do things like standing on one foot on a basketball. The kid was becoming a force to be reckon with.

5. California Dreamin’

Pavel Sandrak chose to transfer his family once more, and this time to California because he knew that this is the perfect place to network and utilize his connections to secure a spot within the limelight for his son Richard.

So, away Pavel journeyed off together with his wife Lena as well as their muscle-bound son to the Golden State looking for stardom, and so it wouldn’t take very long before folks began taking notice of the small, iron-pumping child prodigy.

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