Ridiculous Photos Taken By Employees That Are Hilarious

Ridiculous Photos Taken By Employees That Are Hilarious

These Clumsy Staff Who Made Amusing Errors At Work

Trying to keep their mood high on another seemingly “exhilarating” 9-5 loaded week is really a challenging job, so these full-time slackers thought about an imaginative way to make their, and others’, lives a lot more engaging.

Not for the Colorblind

Rather than of utilizing their notion of printing out a tag reading the color of the crayon for good, these crayons actually puzzled colorblind people around the world with these misprints. We sure are big fans of the color yellow, but it is clear that the person who printed out these tags is even more of a fan in the color than we are. Maybe the person responsible for this was getting tired of racial prejudice and just want to prove a point by saying that love is colorblind.

False Advertising

Whoever thought that it was alright to market this meal as Mac N’ Cheese was completely wrong. Good thing no one bought it and people weren’t very glad about it.

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