Ridiculous Photos Taken By Employees That Are Hilarious

These Clumsy Staff Who Made Amusing Errors At Work

Trying to keep their mood high on another seemingly “exhilarating” 9-5 loaded week is really a challenging job, so these full-time slackers thought about an imaginative way to make their, and others’, lives a lot more engaging.

Unusual Structure

This might be a marketing strategy to make possible shoppers view the whole outfit on the model as two different pieces, but we think this was the task of a puzzled billboard hanger who definitely failed their 6th-grade biology test on the subject of the human anatomy. Although, thinking about it on the marketing side, a lot could be said from the way it is split into two different pieces that do not connect – it does allow the viewer to look on each item separately.

Join in if you’re brave

The weekly limbo club gathering were held in an underground studio that reeked of the sewage system under. After raising their issues to their local municipality and asking for a viable space would be found for the group, their prayers have been granted and the ideal spot was coined the club’s official space. To commemorate the place and feel at home, a bar was situated outside the club’s door, forcing every attendant to earn their way in.

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