She Gave Birth To Septuplets in 1997 - Look What She's Doing 23 Years Later

She Gave Birth To Septuplets in 1997 – Look What She’s Doing 23 Years Later

No One Expected What Would Become Of The World’s First Surviving Septuplets

2. The Shock

Amid the rush of so many emotions, Kenny McCaughey could hardly believe the news at first. “I said, ‘How many?’” he recalled later. “She goes, ‘Seven,’ and I go, ‘Arrrggghhh!’ Then I go, ‘No, no, no, no. Are you serious?’” They could not believe what was happening. Is it even possible to be ready to receive news like that?

Initially, the couple admitted that they had experienced “sheer terror” at the prospect of septuplets. It took a while for reality to sink in. Even then, neither one of them could have expected what pregnancy with seven babies would be like, and the decision they’d have to make.

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