Couple Takes In Starving Dog Only To Watch Him Transform Before Their Very Eyes

Adopting a dog may require an act of faith; it is almost impossible to know what a dog has experienced before welcoming it into your home. Was his former owner abusive? Did he live long in the street? Does he have abandonment issues?

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A good shelter might be able to answer these questions, but there is no guarantee. This was certainly the case of Wulfgar the Husky, whose past is made of a number of mysteries and complications. Luckily for him and for his owners, all he needed was a little love, and he was ready to undergo an amazing transformation…

When an Imgur user and her husband heard about a stray husky who was wandering around their neighborhood in November of 2015, they were intrigued. Yet when the couple ventured out and saw the dog themselves, it became clear to them that something was peculiar about him: he was deeply afraid of not just the woman’s husband, but of men in general.

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“As you can see, he’s in pretty bad shape in this photo,” wrote the Imgur user. “Notice the patchy fur and the visible ribs. He also had a large scar going across his ribs…”

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