Steer Clear: 20+ Cars To Avoid In 2020

Steer Clear: 20+ Cars To Avoid In 2020

Buying a car is an investment and you want it to be a reliable one. All of us know that the resale value of even the most extravagant cars drop once it leaves the showroom. Looking at all the marketing around you and it would be easy to think all cars are good, reliable and worth your money.

You don’t want to be disappointed after you make the purchase and that is why good research saves cost. Spend some time reading up on various consumer advice sites, they conduct extensive surveys where owners rate their cars, giving you more info to make a well-informed decision when buying a car.

It is absolutely apparent that manufacturers are turning most of their attention to SUVs. This is due to the fact that they are fantastic family cars and are expected to handle all weather conditions with ease. Yet, even with this being the case, there is no question that this release year seems to possess a few very poor ones. In fact, some of these are coming from the top brands of the automobile world.

This article will focus on the worst SUV from each of them. They will have a number of different reasons for their negative qualities, but no matter what the cause is, it is clear that they deserve criticism. With all of the technological advances that the automobile world has now, there should no longer be lemons. Alas, this sadly just is not the case.

Today, we’ve done the hard work for you, and bring you a list of cars that will most likely be a horrible investment this year. Here are the 15 worst cars, trucks, and suvs for 2020.

Now, let’s get this show on the road!

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a series of compact and mid-size (Wrangler Unlimited and Wrangler 2-door JL) four-wheel drive off-road SUVs, manufactured by Jeep since 1986, and currently in its fourth generation. The Wrangler JL, the most recent generation, was unveiled in late 2017 and is produced at Jeep’s Toledo Complex. From 2004 on, the Wrangler has been complemented with long-wheelbase versions, called Wrangler Unlimited (until the release of the JK generation).

2004-2006 models were longer versions with 2 doors. In 2004 only automatic transmission equipped “Unlimited” versions were sold. In 2005 both an automatic and manual 6-speed (NSG-370) were offered. Since 2007, the long-wheelbase Wranglers were four-door models, offering over 20 in (508 mm) more room. By mid 2017 the four-door models represented three quarters of all new Wranglers on the market.

The ratings for the Wrangler have been steadily dropping over the past few years and the Jeep Wrangler is downright noisy on the highway, and it is inconceivable to use it as a daily driver. Its fuel economy ratings are neither friendly on the pocket or the environment. And of course, there are the famous steering woes that drivers have been complaining about for years – also known as the death wobble.

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